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Peak Tek Disposable Grips (15 per box)

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Enjoy an ergonomic and configurable tattooing experience with our disposable Tek Cartridge Grips. Tek Grips have a 32mm diameter at their widest point; they curve down to 30mm for gripping comfort before curving back out to 32mm. They also have a textured silicone cover for additional comfort.

Tek Grips have several features designed to provide you with a steady, configurable procedure. Our click system locks to prevent involuntary turning; you can easily adjust your needle depth with a convenient twist of the grip.

All Tek grips are made of quality, sturdy, single-use rubber. They are in individual sterile packaging so artists can focus on their work safely and efficiently.

Key Features:
  • 32mm diameter grip (widest point); curves to 30mm, then back to 32mm
  • 3mm center bore
  • Sturdy black rubber
  • Textured silicone cover
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Comes with drive bar (90mm)
  • Sterilized and individually packaged
  • High-quality single-use construction
  • Compatible with most cartridge needle brands
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Peak Tek Disposable Grips (15 per box)
  • $30.00