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Hush Numbing Gel - 2oz.

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• Applied before tattoo session
• Numbs the skin, reduces redness, irritation, and itchiness

Hush Gel, the O.G., is our original, non-oily numbing agent. Our pain relieving gel was designed specifically with the tattoo artist and client in mind. Developed for use before the tattooing session, its unique blend of botanicals, including aloe, reduces skin inflammation and redness. Hush Gel also expedites the healing process and is safe to use on sensitive skin.

Child Resistant Packaging included.

How to use

1. Apply a thick layer of Hush Gel, about ¼ inch, before breaking the skin. Lightly spread the tattoo numbing gel onto the work surface. DO NOT rub Hush Gel into the skin.

2. Loosely cover the tattoo area with plastic wrap and allow one (1) hour for absorption.

3. Remove the plastic wrap and prep the skin for a painless tattoo session. Hush Gel will last up to two (2) hours. Relax, let the art happen.

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Hush Numbing Gel - 2oz.
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