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ACS TATSOUL AND TCB 1.25-inch Disposable Tubes (15 per box)

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These products are near expiration (mid-end of year). But they are perfect for apprentices or artists tattooing fake skin!. Or if you just use a lot of a certain size and will go through them before expiration. Quality products shouldn't go to waste, and practicing with quality tools can only serve to improve your craft!

Constructed from medical grade plastic and premium silicone, our 1.25” anti-slip grips provide maximum comfort and stable control. Unlike other rubber grips, TCB’s 1.25” grips are custom molded on the tube to prevent “spinning” or “sliding” during the tattoo process.

Transparent Tube
Transparent tube allows for easy viewing of ink and needle(s) in the reservoir.

Thin Profile Tip
The thin profile tip minimizes the distance between the needle and the skin allowing for more precise tattooing than ever before.

Maximum Ink Flow / Minimize Waste
Designed with angled round and open magnum tubes, ink flow is maximized while the amount of plastic waste is minimized. Needles insert into tubes with ease and without getting snagged.

Anti-Slip Grip
The grip is designed of a premium silicone with an anti-slip texture that provides both comfort and stable control.

Individually Blister Packaged
Tubes are individually blister packaged, pre-sterilized with EO gas and contain a sterilization indicator.

Key Features:

  • Simple and hygienic design
  • High quality single-use system
  • Individually packaged and sterilized
  • Available in Angled Round Liner, Diamond, and Open Magnum
  • Packaged 15 per box

**If we do not carry a size in our brand, we will carry it in a comparable TATSoul product. 

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      ACS TATSOUL AND TCB 1.25-inch Disposable Tubes (15 per box)
      • 3 - Angled Rd (TCB) - $15.00
      • 5 - Angled Rd (TCB) - $15.00
      • 11 - Angled Rd (TCB) - $15.00
      • 14 - Angled Rd (TCB) - $15.00
      • 5 - Diamond (TCB) - $15.00
      • 7 - Open Mag (TCB) - $15.00
      • 3 - Diamond (TATSoul) - $23.00
      • 7 - Diamond (TATSoul) - $23.00
      • 13 - Magnum (TATSoul) - $23.00